International Training

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JICA Training on Fingerprint and Face Recognition (Tumba College of Technology - Republic Of Rwanda)

Fingerprint Sensor and Applications
Fingerprint Communication & Setting
Fingerprint Pattern Recognition
Fingerprint Sensing & Pattern Recognition
Face Recognition Implementation

Domestic Training

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Praktek Dasar Pemprograman 1

under construction...

Praktek Dasar Pemprograman 2

Dasar Pemprograman Berorientasi Obyek
Bahasa Pemprograman Java
Konsep Class, Attribute dan Method
Konsep Inheritance Polimorphism Encapsulation
Abstraksi Interface Overloading Overriding Package
Konsep Graphical User Interface
Pemprograman Graphical User Interface
Dasar Pemprograman Android
Pemprograman Android GUI 2 Layar

Praktek Metode Numerik

under construction...

Praktek Jaringan Komputer 2

under construction...

Praktek IP Next Generation

under construction...

Oracle Database Administrator (PLN Udiklat Semarang)

Arsitektur Oracle
Menggunakan Administration Tools
Mengelola Oracle Instance
Membuat Database
Membuat Data Dictionary View
Mengelola Control File & Redo Log File
Mengelola Tablespace & Data Files
Backup & Recovery Database



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